Friday, April 19, 2013

Draw to Any Good (or The Education of Lord Arthur Pendragon)

Being the peculiar account of the courtship of Lord Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys, Professional Magician and Entertainer.

Historical AU

Rating: NC-17

Author: chibihmr

Wordcount: ~60k

You know that saying “never judge a book by the cover”? I almost didn’t read this one because I found the title (the second part of it) very unappealing. But, luckily, I risked it  and I was -not- disappointed. It’s set on early Vitoriana (as in “still a maiden queen”), and in a world in which magic is not a secret, but not truly accepted either. And, well, neither is homossexuality. It’s a great read, deliciously spin through the chapters and all the characters seem -purposeful-. Stop wasting your time with my words and read it already.

Rating: A

~ Diana Prallon

Read it here


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