Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stuck in Reverse

Merlin wasn’t heartbroken, but it’s been hard, after a year of comfortable intimacy, comfortable trust and comfortable sex, to suddenly adjust to being alone.

University AU

Modern Era

Rated R

Author: eyesofapanda

Length: 7707

Oh babies. I love the fact that Merlin and Gwaine were together for bit, it’s one of my sideships that I have for this show. Also, the author hit the only reason why they wouldn’t work as well as our Merthur boys without overdoing it. Gold star for you, eyesofapanda.

And gosh, they’re all just so adorably awkward with the whole situationMerlin’s luck is just…He needs a hug. All the fandom give the unlucky bastard a hug.

Oh, well, he ends up with Arthur so he is pretty damned lucky.

Rating: B+/A


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